FAA Policies and Forms

Download the form you need or pick up one in the Office for Undergraduate Academic Affairs in 100 Architecture. See the FAA policies in the Undergraduate Student Handbook.

Academic Contract
Academic Decision Appeal
Concurrent Enrollment
Credit-No Credit
Curriculum Acceptance
Drop Status
Dual Degrees Policy and Application
Foreign Language Accommodation
GPA Calculator
Incomplete (I) Grade
James Scholar Honors Program
Late Class Drop
Late Course Change
Scholastic Requirements
Study Abroad
Transfer Course Evaluation
Transition Semester

Incomplete (I) Grade

  • Incomplete Grade Guidelines

    Instructors and students must follow regulations for assigning a grade of Incomplete (I).

  • Incomplete Grade Request Form

    A grade of Incomplete (I) requires consent from the instructor and approval of the FAA Office for Undergraduate Academic Affairs. You may either submit the form automatically or right click on the file name and save the file to your hard drive. You will then be able to complete the form and submit it electronically or print it out and mail or fax it to our office.

James Scholar Honors Program

Late Class Drop

To drop a course after the eighth week of class, a student must submit both the standard student petition form and the course instructor feedback report.

Student Petition Form

The student petition form should be used for the following situations.

Study Abroad

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