Use of University Funds

These guidelines have been prepared by the college office to assist FAA units in following campus and university policies and procedures and are summaries of official policies for information only. For the most current information, see official guidelines on the use of university funds in the Business and Financial Policies and Procedures manual, the Campus Administrative Manual, other university publications, and state law.

The university fulfills its mission of teaching, research, and public service by using resources that have been allocated, donated, earned, or contracted. The university has a moral and legal obligation to ensure that these resources are used for purposes for which they have been received.

Occasionally, faculty, administrators, and other personnel may have access to funds to be spent at their discretion. Regardless of the source of those funds (state allocation; gifts or donations; income from fees, admission, or other charges; annual allowance for named or endowed chairs; or grant or contract funds) authorized personnel may use those resources solely for purposes related to instruction, coursework, research, scholarly and creative activities, administration, or other approved activities of the unit. State law provides that university funds or property shall be used only for purposes related to the university's mission, precluding any personal use.

To avoid misunderstandings, unusual purchases and expenditures should be discussed with the unit business manager or executive officer in advance to confirm that they conform with university regulations. Requests for reimbursement of expenses must be accompanied by receipts and other appropriate documentation. If there are questions or conflicting interpretations of the policies, units may refer those questions to the college office for resolution.

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