Eric Wall
School of Architecture
BSAS 2012

"I kept finding out that I am capable of pushing myself to do things that I didn't initially think were possible."

Eric Wall transferred to the School of Architecture after completing his associate's degree at the College of DuPage. Until his senior year, he was simply following a preconceived idea of what he was "supposed to do."

"Thankfully, I had some good professors who challenged me to rethink what I had planned out in my head," Eric notes.

Professor Julie Larsen invited him to join a graduate-level design studio that had a two-week residency in Japan, an experience that Eric credits with giving him a completely different perspective.

"That studio shook up what I thought defined architecture. I was looking at it from a whole new lens," Eric recalls.

Eric then completed an architecture internship in Zurich, Switzerland. At 10:8 Architects, he worked on projects ranging from smaller-scale redesigns of a few train stations to the broad-scale redesign of the local transit's main architectural system.

"Living in a new country for a year had a profound impact on my perspective on my career. It also gave me new ideas and new ways of thinking about life in general," Eric says.

Eric moved back to the United States and began working at Chicago's Blender Architecture in January 2013. He enjoys the small office size because it allows him to get involved in all aspects of project development and management.