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COVID-19 Response FAQ for Students

Classes start Monday, March 23, and I have not heard from my instructor. What should I do?

For each class in which you are enrolled, you will receive an email from your instructor before the class is scheduled to meet again. This email will give you information about how the course will be administered going forward. Some of your instructors may need some additional time to plan for online delivery, therefore you may need to be patient. Please check your email and spam account for recent emails. If you do not hear from your instructor prior to Friday, March 27, please reach out to your departmental advisor or the FAA Academic Affairs Office.

I am unhappy with my course and do not like the new method of online delivery. What are my options?

If you have questions or concerns about any of your current classes, about the possibility of a drop, about adding a second eight-week course, or how any of this impacts your progress toward a degree, please contact your departmental advisor or the FAA Academic Affairs Office to discuss your academic options at this point in the semester. You may also want to view the FAA academic policies and the spring 2020 academic deadlines.

I am a music student. How will this impact my ability to complete my ensemble or recital requirements?

If you are a music student, please visit the School of Music's COVID-19 information for specific recommendations to address these concerns.

I heard that some of the academic deadlines were extended. Where can I find this information?

Yes, a few of the academic deadlines for the spring 2020 term were extended. These include the deadline to drop a course without a grade of W, elect a course as credit/no credit, and file intent for grade replacement. Please view the academic calendar for the specific dates.

How do I submit a request to take a course for credit/no credit for the spring 2020 term?

The credit/no credit option form must be submitted to the FAA Academic Affairs Office. FAA students must use the online credit/no credit option form.

I dropped a course prior to the new extended deadline and the modified credit/no credit policy for spring 2020. Am I able to add that class back to my schedule?

If you dropped a course according to the previous March 13/March 27 academic deadlines that were posted, you will need to submit a late course change form to the FAA Academic Affairs Office. You will be required to get approval from the department offering the course.

How should I decide whether to take a course for credit/no credit this semester?

See the guidelines from the Office of the Provost for assistance. If you are concerned about your ability to do well in your courses this term, you are strongly encouraged to talk with your FAA departmental advisor or the FAA Academic Affairs Office about this option. Remember, you do not need to make this decision until Thursday, April 30. Therefore, you should have time to determine your potential grade for the course and how well you have acclimated to the online delivery format.

Please carefully review the policy modification for spring 2020 and the Student Code. Keep in the mind the following key considerations.

  • You must a earn a C− or better to earn a grade of CR. If you receive a D+ or below, you will not earn credit.
  • A course graded as CR/NC does not enter into a students' grade point average calculation.
  • For spring 2020 only, courses graded as CR/NC can be used for major, minor, and general education requirements.
  • Online and graduate courses are included in this temporary CR/NC modification.
  • Any number of courses may be selected for CR/NC grading.
  • Courses placed on CR/NC status in the spring 2020 semester only will not count toward the minimum of 18 total hours of degree requirements for undergraduates.
  • Students on academic probation are permitted to select courses for CR/NC grading.

Can I earn honors credit for a course I elect for CR/NC grading?

No, a course cannot be both selected for CR/NC grading and designated for honors credit. Students electing CR/NC grading will not maintain the "H" designation for the course.

I selected the CR/NC option for a course, but now I would like to take this course for a grade. Am I still able to make this change?

Thursday, April 30, is the deadline to make any changes to the CR/NC option. You will need to submit a new credit/no credit option form and indicate "I NO LONGER ELECT to take this course on a Credit/No Credit basis and I understand that by electing this option I will receive a regular grade in the course at the end of the spring 2020 term."

How do I know if a course is being graded as pass/no pass?

If a course is approved for PP/NP grading by your instructor and your college, you will receive notification via email from the Office of the Registrar. See the policy modifications from the Office of the Provost for details.

Please be aware of the following key items about the pass/no pass policy for spring 2020.

  • PP/NP courses are not counted toward the grade point average, but courses in which students earn a PP grade are included as part of the total credit hours.
  • Instructors in PP/NP courses will have only these two options to choose from for the final grade.
  • A grades of PP is required in order to earn credit for the course.
  • Final grades of PP or NP are recorded on the student's permanent academic record and subsequently will not be changed to letter grades.
  • For spring 2020 only, courses graded as PP/NP can be used for major, minor, and general education requirements.

What will happen with final exams?

If your instructors plan to give a comprehensive, synchronous exam, we ask that it be given at the assigned time per the final exam schedule. Your instructor may also choose to cancel the scheduled final to issue something else (a project, paper, etc.). If you have any concerns regarding a scheduled exam conflict, please contact the FAA Academic Affairs Office.

I understand that the commencement and convocation ceremonies for May have been canceled. Will these events be rescheduled? How and when will I receive my diploma?

Due to recent events, the University of Illinois System sadly had to make the decision to cancel these events for the health and safety of our students. Diplomas will be mailed, and we are exploring possible alternatives such as rescheduling and/or hosting virtual events to honor the class of 2020. Visit the Office of the Register's website for specific information on mailing diplomas.

Please understand that commencement is not a certification of graduation, but rather a ceremony that celebrates your academic achievements. All degree requirements must be satisfied before graduation and diploma conferral. If you have questions about your graduation requirements or your degree audit, it is very important that you discuss these concerns with your departmental advisor or the FAA Academic Affairs Office.

I am having trouble understanding this new system of online delivery. Where can I get some help?

Here are some great resources on campus that can provide you with some tips for learning online:

Connecting to the Internet

Learn to Use Video Technologies

Keep Learning

Adapt to Being an Online Student

University Library Services

What if I do not have access to the necessary computer technology to participate in my online classes, cannot access the software required by my course, or have a poor Internet connection?

If you do not have access to technology that will allow you to engage in remote instruction, please contact the Student Assistance Center in the Office of the Dean of Students. Please be assured that your department is currently working to determine how to address this issue for students in your major.

Here are some additional tech resources that you may find helpful:

Internet resources: These companies are offering free or discounted expanded Internet access.

Zoom Conferencing and Collaboration Services

Adobe Creative Cloud: Free Adobe Creative Cloud access is available for all U of I students. Temporary access to Creative Cloud will last until May 31, 2020. This date is subject to change. Adobe is closely monitoring the situation and may, at its sole discretion, modify the validity of the licenses.


Who should I contact if I have specific questions about technology?

If you have specific questions or concerns about technology, please contact Technology Services for assistance or consult the Technology Services website.

This transition has been very stressful. Am I still able to use campus resources from my home?

Yes, all of our campus resources are still available to assist you remotely. Our counseling staff is preparing to deliver alternative counseling services to students including phone consultations and eventually telehealth. Meanwhile, students who have UnitedHealthcare may access online counseling. If you access the counseling site through your UnitedHealthcare app, you can bypass the necessary insurance information requirement. If you need help, contact customer service at 217.333.0165 or email Please check the Counseling Center's website for frequent updates regarding telemental health services and online psychoeducation.

If you are experiencing a psychological emergency, please call the 24-hour Crisis Line at 217.359.4141 or 911.

My financial situation has been greatly impacted by COVID-19 events. Are there any financial resources I should consider?

Please feel free to reach out to your FAA departmental advisor, the FAA Academic Affairs Office, or the Student Assistance Center (217.333.0050 or to discuss your concerns. We all work together and may be able help you identify the best resources for your situation. The Office of the Dean of Students has other helpful suggestions.

I've had some trouble with my lease and rental office due to COVID-19 concerns. What should I do?

Off-Campus Community Living remains available to assist students. To schedule a virtual meeting, please call 217.333.0112 or email

Visit the COVID-19 resource page from Student Affairs for a list of the campus support services that are available to you during this time.

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