Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

FAA's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commitee works to engage with all units and areas of the college to create and promote a welcoming, safe, and accessible environment for all. 

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FAA Continuity Planning during COVID-19 
Please find here guidance, resources, and information related to continuity of operations for the College of Fine and Applied Arts during the COVID-19 public health crisis, including information for students, faculty, staff, and health and wellness.

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Office of Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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DEI Committee

Dr. Rochelle Sennet 
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
and Associate Professor of Piano and International Yamaha Artist 
217.244.6679 | bsennet2@illinois.edu 

  • The committee shall work to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity, and oppose racism, sexism, homophobia, and prejudice in all its forms, in all aspects of the college mission.
  • The committee consists of one or two faculty or staff from each academic and administrative unit, appointed by the Dean based on recommendations from the unit executive officers. The Dean will also appoint two student representatives to the committee.
  • Members will serve staggered terms with possibility of renewal.
  • The Dean shall appoint a chair of the committee. The chair will represent the college in campus-level diversity efforts, and serve to connect college-level goals and work to campus-level initiatives and priorities

As stated in the FAA Bylaws.

  • Rochelle Sennet, Music, Chair (8/2019–8/2021)
  • Andy Blacker, FAA Administration (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Latanya Cobb, Architecture (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Michael Darin, Japan House (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Lori Davis, Landscape Architecture (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Lynne Dearborn, Architecture (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Mary Edwards, FAA Administration (8/2019–8/2021)
  • Rose Kaczmarowski, Theatre (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Emily Laugesen, Krannert Center (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Joyce McCall, Music (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Kemal Nance, Dance (8/2019–8/2021)
  • Allyson Purpura, Krannert Art Museum (8/2019–8/2021)
  • Monique Rivera, Krannert Center (8/2019–8/2021)
  • Stacey Robinson, Art and Design (8/2019–8/2021)
  • Valleri Robinson, Theatre (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Ken Salo, Urban and Regional Planning (8/2019–8/2021)
  • Kim Sissons, Krannert Art Museum (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Nekita Thomas, Art and Design (8/2020–8/2022)
  • Vacant, Dance (8/2020–8/2022)