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Summer Educator Micro-Residency 2016, Photo by Natalie Fiol
Classroom Visits for High School Teachers

College of Fine and Applied Arts admissions representatives are able to schedule select classroom visits this fall and spring. Please make sure your school is allowing visitors. We are vaccinated and will wear masks. If your school is not allowing visitors or if you prefer to sign up for a virtual presentation, we'll be happy to set up a Zoom or Google Meet session for your classroom. 

During this presentation we will explore the top five reasons to join FAA, all the areas of study, and admission requirements. With enough lead time we can also tailor this presentation to fit your specific interests.

Approximately 30 minutes

What does someone with a degree in dance do for a career? If I study architecture but I don't want to build houses and skyscrapers, what job options are there for me? What is an urban planner? If you think you'd like to study architecture, art and design, dance, landscape architecture, music, sustainable design, theatre, or urban and regional planning, this information session will help you find out about all the exciting career options.

Approximately 30 minutes

Learn the best practices for putting together an art and design portfolio. We will show you real examples of portfolio work and offer tips to make your portfolio stronger for admission to the School of Art and Design. 

Approximately 30 minutes

Are you interested in applying to a performing arts major in dance, music, or theatre at Illinois? Join us for this special presentation to get audition, interview, and portfolio tips.

Approximately 30 minutes

Summer Educator Micro-Residency Art Program

June 26–July 2, 2022

Down deep you're an artist. You've been busy building lesson plans, grading projects, managing classrooms, meeting state guidelines, and nurturing young imaginations—and now it's time to tend to your own creative desires.

See Photos from the 2019 Program

Educator-artists from a broad range of disciplines live, work, and collaborate to push the boundaries of their practices. Faculty art and design mentors guide resident artists through critiques, offer challenges, make presentations, provide demonstrations, and engage in one-on-one sessions. A public exhibition culminates the experience.

The residential program fee includes a private room in a new residence hall, all meals, a large shared studio space, faculty mentorship, and use of School of Art and Design facilities. Additional resources such as 3D printing and laser printing are available at student rates.

We are currently accepting applications from educator-artists working in the following media/techniques: all 2D studio art media (drawing, painting, etc.); printmaking; digital design; fibers; installation; digital photography; wood; plaster; and mixed-media 3D (not clay).

All participants earn three total continuing education units from the University of Illinois. Graduate credit is not available for this program.

Space is limited. The following selection criteria will be taken into consideration:

  • Full-time status at a public or private K–12 school
  • Passion for the proposed residency project
  • Compatibility with a faculty mentor

Application fee: $50 (nonrefundable)

Residential program fee: $650 (includes room and breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Commuter/nonresidential program fee: $400 (includes lunch and dinner)

All art supplies are the responsibility of each artist.

Additional Opportunities

At this time additional opportunities for groups to visit may not be available or may be altered because of COVID-19 safety measures.

Tour the second-largest museum of fine arts in Illinois. Students typically see four galleries and discuss a work or two in each gallery during the visit. The one-hour tours are designed to strengthen students' ability to examine pieces carefully, think critically about them, and interpret them. Guides provide background on the artists, information about the style and historical time of the works, and context for their creation. See Krannert Art Museum's Tour the Museum page for more information. 

Preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students can experience world-class live events during the day at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, a premier space for diverse works. The Youth Series features music from favorites such as Dan Zanes and Friends, movement companies including the electrifying Diavolo, full-length plays from the Department of Theatre, puppetry, and interactive shows. Guides for each event with background information about the performers, links to additional reading, and activities are mailed in advance so that teachers can prepare students and make deep connections to classroom work.