Future Students

Art Foundations Exhibition Fall 2017, Photo by Natalie Fiol

Who are you? What can you teach others? How will you change the world? Create your future at Illinois.

  • Learn How to Solve Design Problems at iSTEAM

  • Train with Experts at Discover Architecture

  • Hone Your Skills at Discover Architecture, the FAA Summer Intensive, Illinois Summer Youth Music, or iSTEAM

  • Experiment in the Arts at the FAA Summer Intensive

  • Focus on What You Love at Illinois Summer Youth Music

Summer Programs

The FAA Summer Intensive, Discover Architecture, Illinois Summer Youth Music, and iSTEAM give college-level training to talented high school students who want to build skills and explore careers in the arts. All programs feature a taste of campus living and professional training.

FAA in Your Area

If you're considering coming to Illinois, find us at a career fair or college day at a location near you. We can provide information about majors, answer questions about classes, and tell you more about being a student in FAA.


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