ELLNORA | The Guitar Festival

Since 2007 Krannert Center has celebrated the global sounds of the six-stringed instrument and its relatives with dozens of free performances by renowned and upcoming jazz, classical, bluegrass, rock, country, soul, folk, experimental, blues, rockabilly, Latin, and fusion—and just about any other style plus the indescribable—musicians.


Choreography by Endalyn Taylor for November Dance 2020

Photo by Natalie Fiol

Krannert Center

Lit red in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic for We Make Events, Krannert Center signaled its vital spot in the community and sounded the alarm for the ongoing support needed for performing artists, students in arts programs, designers, technicians, ticketing personnel, stagehands, agents, skilled trade workers, housekeeping staff, marketing professionals, and the many others who put on live events.

Photo by Darrell Hoemann.


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