Athens Lunatic Asylum

As part of her research into the development of psychiatric hospitals during the nineteenth century and medical history, alumna Jennifer L. Thomas takes her students to abandoned or renovated sites like the Athens Lunatic Asylum. Operated in Ohio beginning in 1874, it housed patients for conditions ranging from menopause to epilepsy, which were thought to cause socially undesirable behaviors or illnesses or were convenient excuses for forced incarceration. Some structures at the site remain in disrepair, while others and the grounds have been extensively rehabilitated.

ELLNORA | The Guitar Festival

Since 2007 Krannert Center has celebrated the global sounds of the six-stringed instrument and its relatives with dozens of free performances by renowned and upcoming jazz, classical, bluegrass, rock, country, soul, folk, experimental, blues, rockabilly, Latin, and fusion—and just about any other style plus the indescribable—musicians.


Professor Emeritus Shozo Sato is a master of traditional Japanese arts including ikebana (flower arranging) and shodo (calligraphy), which he teaches to community members and students through classes at Japan House.


Choreography by Endalyn Taylor for November Dance 2020

Photo by Natalie Fiol


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