New Dance Work in Progress at Krannert Center

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

John Heginbotham, the artistic director of Dance Heginbotham and a former performer with the Mark Morris Dance Group, recently completed a residency in Krannert Center's Intensive Development Lab to work on a new piece tentatively entitled The Principles of Uncertainty. Inspired by a mixed-media book of the same name by the visual artist Maira Kalman, the work incorporates dance, video projections, photographs, live and recorded music, an actor giving weather reports, and set designs that feature large-scale embroidery. With a focus on time, the piece includes both realistic and absurd elements. Heginbotham's two-week residency, like the others offered through this initiative, provided an atmosphere to try out various ideas, and Krannert Center's staff members supplied expertise and resources. Students from Illinois Theatre had opportunities to work with the visiting artists from Dance Heginbotham and gain valuable experience in the creative and production processes. Read more about Heginbotham's new work and the Intensive Development Lab in a News Bureau feature.