FAA Undergraduate Student Handbook: Transfer Credit

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

In general, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign accepts transfer credit for academic courses that are similar in nature, content, and level to those offered on this campus that were taken at approved institutions with similar programs.

In all cases, transfer credit accepted by the university must be subject to approval by the student’s college with reference to its applicability toward a particular degree. College approval of professional course credit is frequently based on the recommendation of the department or school offering equivalent course work—usually after a review of a portfolio, an audition, or other practical means for review. Such approval is usually determined during the student’s first semester of enrollment at the university after the transfer of credit and is based on curricular requirements outlined in the Programs of Study catalog. For additional information, contact the FAA Office for Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

Community College Credit

Credit transferred from an accredited community college is limited only by the provision that the student must earn at least sixty semester hours required for the degree after attaining junior standing at the University of Illinois or at any other approved four-year institution. However, the student must meet the residency requirements for a degree from the university. Any request for an exception to this rule must be submitted to the dean of the student’s college for decision.

The FAA Office for Undergraduate Academic Affairs can provide information on transferability and equivalence of courses from public four-year and community colleges in Illinois. Students who anticipate taking a summer course from another institution should consult with the FAA Office for Undergraduate Academic Affairs or the FAA departmental or school academic office to determine the transferability of any course before taking it.

For more information about the evaluation of transfer credit and community college credit, consult the course equivalency guidelines from u.select or the Student Code. Before official credit can be given, a student must provide documentation of the course work for evaluation and submit a transfer course evaluation request form.

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