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FAA Research: Festival of Arts, Design, and Planning

FAA Festival Design

FAA Research: Festival of Arts, Design, and Planning is a series of symposia created to further the creative and intellectual advancement of our college. Each symposium will bring together thought leaders, colleagues from peer institutions, and FAA faculty to explore what the future may hold for our disciplines and our interdisciplinary work.

February 21–22, 2019

The Resilient Urban Futures symposium will bring together scholars and practitioners from diverse disciplines to examine issues of health, housing, mobility, and commerce in relation to design and planning. The day-and-a-half-long gathering will explore where we are currently as a community in dealing with issues from opioid abuse to displacement and offer a forum to identify strategies and research directions for improving our collective future.

March 29–30, 2019

The In Conversation: Text and Making symposium will focus on the exploration of text and its role in the development of new work in the performing arts. Panelists will share insights into the role of text and the dramaturg in creating a new work in dance, the conversations of librettists and composers about using original source material to create story and song, and how script development may begin with non-text-based devising and methods of movement-based collaboration.

April 12, 2019

As part of Come Home to Krannert Center: A 50th-Anniversary Weekend, invited guests both local and national will convene on the stage of the Colwell Playhouse for a series of moderated conversations about the future of the performing arts in higher education, inspired by five decades of "the Krannert Center Effect." Observers are welcome in the audience area of the Playhouse to hear and watch this dialogue, which will explore visions for the future for university-centered arts practitioners, their venues, and their institutions.

April 26–27, 2019

Faculty in FAA pursue a range of methods in scholarship and creative practice that offer models for creative, collaborative, interdisciplinary work. Whether the work of designers, arts practitioners, social scientists, or humanists, our research is theoretically expansive and practically engaged. The two-day Methodologies symposium offers an opportunity to reflect on what makes our work unique and uniquely valuable to our college, university, and community in searching for the human spark that illuminates the darkness.