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Graphic Design and Painting

Designer Maria Ludeke, who graduated in 2014 with degrees in painting and graphic design, was a Clyde Davis Scholar. The scholarship, established by School of Art and Design alumnus Clyde P. Davis and his wife, Kay, provided her with four years of tuition support. Without the scholarship, Maria would not have been able to attend Illinois.

"The Clyde Davis Scholarship allowed me to pursue a lifelong passion for art," said Maria. "More importantly, it gave me the overwhelming desire to return the gift. Clyde Davis's generosity does not end with each scholarship. Rather, he has created a ripple effect of giving that will continue to grow."

With the help of family and friends, shortly after graduation she established her own scholarship fund in the School of Art and Design to honor the generosity of Clyde Davis—who now also contributes to her fund.

About the Clyde Davis Scholarship

Clyde P. Davis, who attended the University of Illinois between 1956 and 1960, earned a BFA in advertising design while also working to support his wife and young family. After leaving Illinois, he founded and ran his own advertising agency in New York City, Cline Davis and Mann (CDM), for nearly two decades. Now retired, he and his wife, Kay, have funneled their passion for education into the Clyde Davis Scholarship Fund in Art and Design.

Awarded every other year, the scholarship provides four years of full-ride tuition support to an incoming freshman in the School of Art and Design. The impact cannot be overstated: since the fund's inception in 2001, 14 Clyde Davis Scholars have graduated from Illinois debt free.