Annual Review of Specialized Faculty


All specialized faculty will be evaluated in the spring semester, with each school or department conveying specific guidance and deadlines on materials to be submitted in support of the review. Materials required may vary but should strive to be internally consistent within each rank and discipline.

Supervisors should at least request an updated CV or activity report in a specified format. ICES scores are a standard way to show evidence of teaching effectiveness and should be provided when available in time to serve an evaluation. Units might request other materials as well, such as syllabi or a teaching self-review. For teaching-related appointments, it is also good practice to augment all such materials with periodic teaching observations, planned in advance and coordinated with the person under review.

Those with appointments that include expectations for pursuit of external recognition for research, pedagogical, or creative work should also provide a summary of goals and work performed to this end.

Best practice is that such evaluations be conducted by direct supervisors and/or any others who oversee aspects of the responsibilities at hand, with decisions in this regard at the discretion of the unit. When possible, the supervisor and specialized faculty member should meet to discuss the review materials. But at a minimum, the specialized faculty member should receive written feedback on areas of strength and areas in need of improvement, preferably by May 15 of each year.

Criteria for evaluation at annual reviews may include the following areas as appropriate to the nature of the appointment and the duties as assigned and communicated.


  • Clear and effective instruction as assessed through classroom evaluation and/or learning outcomes such as student performance.
  • Strong or improved student evaluations of teaching.
  • Leadership in curricular development and assessment.
  • Continued professional development toward staying abreast of the field.


  • Dependable contribution to committee work.
  • Other contributions to collective work of the unit.
  • Effective supervision of others.

Development & External Recognition

Presentation of creative, scholarly, or curricular work in appropriate venues as described in the departmental criteria appropriate to evaluation for promotion in the discipline.

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