UI Steel Band and World Percussion Ensemble

Tue - 11.19.2019 - 7:30 PM

William Moersch, director
Ricardo Flores, director

This group performs calypso, soca, jazz, and global styles.


Psathas: Kyoto
Colgrass: Inventions on a Motive
Davidovsky: Synchronisms No. 5
Trevino: Catching Shadows


20-minute intermission


Traditional Trinidadian: Tamboo Bamboo
Sharpe (arr. Kurasz): Sarah
Rudder (arr. Kerns and Irvine): Bacchanal Lady
Sharpe (trans. Irvine): Hard Times
Drossin and Nakamura (arr. Berg): Angel Island/Green Hill
Buffett (arr. Irvine): Margaritaville
Alexis: Confusion Reggae
Roberts (arr. Irvine): The Bee's Melody


This performance will last approximately one hour and 40 minutes.