Diana Shepherd
Department of Dance
Class of 2017


Carbondale, Illinois

"The nurturing environment has allowed me to understand the artist that I am becoming."

Diana Shepherd's family has supported her love of dance since she was five years old. Now 14 years later, she continues to explore that passion as part of an even bigger family—the College of Fine and Applied Arts at Illinois.

"The Department of Dance is very welcoming and supportive, which makes it easy to make new friends and to explore who I am as a person and a dancer," says Diana. "It's this kind of support and the support of the people close to me that define my experiences as a student and an artist. And the experiences I have provide the inspiration for my work in dance and choreography."

Diana chose Illinois because of its highly ranked academic programs, the first-rate reputation of the dance program, and the helpful professors, students, and staff she met while visiting. 

"It's easy to feel at home here because everyone is so welcoming."