Violet LaBrosse
School of Architecture
Class of 2017


Evanston, Illinois

"The word 'diversity' best describes the Illinois experience."

To Violet LaBrosse, diversity provides inspiration, and she's found it here. Not that she didn't have plenty of inspiration growing up. Violet says her mom modeled hard work and a strong spirit, and her experience with band in high school was another motivating force.

But at Illinois she's found her passion—architecture, particularly the field of sustainability. She plans to earn a dual master's degree in architecture and urban planning after completing her bachelor's degree.

Violet says the rich environment at Illinois has provided the incentive to pursue her professional vocation, her musical avocation, and so much more.

"The Illinois student experience is so diverse. I've met people whose majors and experiences are so different from mine. I've been able to stay involved in music through Starcourse—the student organization that brings concerts to campus—and there are hundreds of other clubs to choose from. New opportunities are endless."