Degree/Program Proposals


The Courses and Curricula Committee is responsible for engaging in general and topical discussion of the FAA curriculum. The committee explores potential cross-unit curricular innovations and initiatives. It provides broad oversight, review, and approval of curricular changes sent from FAA units to the FAA administration.

This standing committee of the college consists of three faculty members from FAA units and the assistant dean of academic programs, who serves ex officio.

The committee meets once a month during both fall and spring semesters to review new and revised courses as well as general education certification requests. Also reviewed are new and revised program proposals for undergraduate and graduate majors, minors, concentrations, certificates, and centers.


Course and program information from the Office of the Provost
—Policies on new/revised programs, the approval process flowchart, and level of governance guide

Graduate College Handbook

Workflow for Proposals


Before submitting final proposals, authors are advised to contact Assistant Dean Nicole Turner ( at the FAA Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs with early drafts.

Formal Submissions

New programs and program revisions are submitted in CIM Programs.

Workflow beyond FAA

Depending on the type of proposal, the next step in the approval process varies. A program approval process flowchart is available from the Office of the Provost.

Once a proposal has successfully passed all approval stages, the Provost’s Office will email the unit and the FAA assistant dean of academic programs with official written approval.


From formal submission through Senate approval, please allow six to nine months. For proposals that require additional review (Board of Trustees, Illinois Board of Higher Education, and Illinois State Board of Education) an additional six to nine months may be needed. More information on the submission timeline is available from the Office of the Provost.

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