Discovery Course Guidelines

After careful review of both the provost's policies and the needs within FAA units and in an effort to make Discovery compensation within units and across the college as consistent as possible, FAA has instituted the following guidelines for Discovery course reimbursement.

Discovery Course Guidelines

Hours of credit and compensation rates.

Credit Hours Compensation from Provost to Unit Unit Holdback Onload Compensation Overload Compensation
3, 4, or 5 $9,000 $3,000 None $6,000
2 $4,000 $1,000 None $3,000
1 $2,500 $500 None $2,000

Compensation Details

  • A unit holdback applies only to a Discovery course taught as an overload. If the class is taught onload, the unit holds back all funds.
  • Compensation for offering Discovery courses assumes they represent¬†new¬†sections that will increase the instructional capacity of the unit by increasing both the overall number of sections taught and the number of lower-division sections taught by faculty members. Furthermore, compensation is the same for either visiting faculty or current faculty who are teaching a Discovery course as an overload.
  • Compensation to faculty may be paid in the following ways: (a) in a research account, (b) as a lump-sum payment, or (c) as a combination of a and b. Regardless of whether the faculty member chooses to deposit all or part of the overload funds in a research account or take it as salary, the faculty member will be taxed on the full amount of the lump-sum payment in the year received.
  • Unit executive officers may negotiate compensation agreements with faculty that are exceptions to these guidelines. However, deviations should be rare and must be approved by the dean before assignments and compensation agreements are finalized.
  • Unit executive officers are expected to base decisions on Discovery courses on the unit’s regular programmatic and educational needs and a fair assessment of teaching loads.

Guidelines for Review of Discovery Courses

If the college needs to reduce offerings because of budgetary constraints, it will do so within the following evaluative guidelines:

  • Fit with the academic guidelines for the Discovery program as defined by the Office of the Provost
  • Past enrollment
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