Distinguished Staff Award

The Distinguished Staff Award recognizes a Civil Service staff member who exhibits initiative and creativity resulting in improved operations in their unit, promotes a respectful and supportive workplace, and acts as a mentor and role model for others.


  • Demonstrates excellence in overall work performance
  • Promotes positive morale, shows respect for others, has a supportive attitude, and provides service to others
  • Acts as a mentor and role model for others and puts forth an effort at self-improvement of knowledge and skills
  • Exhibits initiative and creativity resulting in improved operations in the unit and/or college
  • Enhances the image of the unit and/or college

Distinctive achievement in all areas will make the strongest case for selection.


The award carries a one-time prize of $2,000. There are two options for payment of the prize:

1. A payment of $2,000 through the award payment system in university payroll to the awardee.


2. A $2,000 commitment made to a unit account for the awardee’s discretionary use for professional development, travel, supplies, equipment, etc. Equipment purchased with these funds is considered university property and when acquired for an individual’s use remains university-owned property after the individual leaves their position. See the guidelines on equipment management from Business and Finance for more information.


A nominee must be a full-time Civil Service staff member employed within the College of Fine and Applied Arts for at least 36 months by the nomination deadline. A staff member may not receive this award more than once in any five-year period.

Note: Members of the College of Fine and Applied Arts Executive Committee are not eligible for nomination during their period of service to the committee.

Nomination Process

Nominations for this award may be made by any member of the college community (staff, faculty, or student) but must be endorsed by the unit executive officer of the nominee’s unit. No more than two candidates may be forwarded for consideration by the FAA Executive Committee. All nominations must be submitted on the FAA nomination form.

Nominations must include the following:

  • Nomination form
  • A detailed one-page narrative addressing the evaluation criteria described above

The deadline for nominations is March 25. Nominations should be submitted to faa@illinois.edu.

Download the Nomination Form

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