Faculty Award for Excellence in Research

The Faculty Award for Excellence in Research recognizes a faculty member who has amassed a distinguished record of research and creative work, as demonstrated through publications, performances, or exhibitions; distinguished fellowships; successful grant applications; and invited presentations or performances. Two levels of this honor will recognize excellence at different career points. Each year one assistant professor and either an associate professor or a full professor will receive an award.


The award carries a one-time prize of $2,000. A $2,000 commitment will be made to a unit account for the faculty member’s discretionary use for travel, supplies, equipment, partial payment of graduate assistants, etc. Equipment purchased with these funds is considered university property and when acquired for an individual’s use remains university-owned property after the individual’s position is terminated. See the guidelines on equipment management from Business and Finance for more information.


Anyone with a tenured or tenure-track faculty appointment in the College of Fine and Applied Arts who has taught at least four full semesters (excluding summers) on the Urbana-Champaign campus and who has not been issued a notice of nonreappointment can be considered for this award. A faculty member may not receive this award more than once in any five-year period. University Scholars are not eligible during the term of their appointments.

Note: Members of the College of Fine and Applied Arts Executive Committee are not eligible for nomination during their period of service to the committee.

Nomination & Evaluation Process

Any FAA faculty member may nominate candidates for this award. Each nominator should check with their unit office to obtain the deadline for receipt of nominations in the unit office. The executive officer and advisory committee of each unit will review the nominations submitted and will choose no more than two candidates to be forwarded for consideration by the FAA Executive Committee.


  • Sustained excellence in research activity
  • Excellence in quality of the research results—published papers, presentations at professional meetings, performances, exhibitions, and the like

Nomination Materials

Nominations must include:

  • A one-page narrative addressing the evaluation criteria described above and detailing the particular achievements of the nominee in research (this narrative may be prepared by unit officers, their designates, or the original nominator), including evidence of research excellence
  • A current CV of the nominee of not more than four pages with a focus on accomplishments in research



Nominations must be submitted by the unit executive officer to the FAA Dean’s Office to be prepared for circulation to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will choose the recipient. Evaluation will be based on demonstrated excellence with every effort made to give equal consideration to nominees from the various faculty ranks and specializations.

The nomination deadline is March 25.

Download the Nomination Form

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