Future Students

Mr. Burns, Illinois Theatre, October 2016, Photo by Darrell Hoemann

Who are you? What can you teach others? How will you change the world? Create your future at Illinois.

  • Explore Your Ideas and Expand Your Imagination at the FAA Summer Intensive

  • Use New Technologies at a Summer Program

  • Get Training from Professionals at Discover Architecture, the FAA Summer Intensive, Illinois Summer Youth Music, and iSTEAM

  • Build Skills at Discover Architecture

  • Meet People Who Love Playing as Much as You Do at Illinois Summer Youth Music

Summer Programs

The FAA Summer Intensive, Discover Architecture, Illinois Summer Youth Music, and iSTEAM give college-level training to talented high school students who want to build skills and explore careers in the arts. All programs feature a taste of campus living and professional training.

FAA in Your Area

If you're considering coming to Illinois, find us at a career fair or college day at a location near you. We can provide information about majors, answer questions about classes, and tell you more about being a student in FAA.


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