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High School Competitions

Painting Class, FAA Summer Intensive 2015

Each year the Discover FAA High School Competitions encourage the next generation of creative thinkers to demonstrate their talents and earn opportunities to explore the wide variety of classes and majors offered within the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Students who enter are eligible for a scholarship to either a summer program on campus or one of our college degree programs. Through these competitions we hope to inspire new artists, designers, and performers and promote the importance of the arts to society. The competitions for 2016–17 have ended. Information about the 2017–18 competitions will be released this fall.

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The winning senior for each competition will receive $1,000 to be applied toward their first-year college expenses. The student must enroll in a program within the College of Fine and Applied Arts to receive the award and must meet all requirements for entry to the University of Illinois and the intended FAA program.

The winning freshman/sophomore/junior for each competition will receive one scholarship to attend an FAA summer program. Eligible programs are the FAA Summer Intensive, Discover Architecture, Illinois Summer Youth Music, and iSTEAM.

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