Gold Medal Park

Field trips like this one to Gold Medal Park in Minneapolis give landscape architecture students ideas for bringing large sculptures, greenscapes, and energy-efficient lighting in their plans to revitalize urban brown zones.

Graphic Design Exhibition 2018

Individual programs in the School of Art and Design host exhibitions to showcase student work. The Link Gallery, which is connected to Krannert Art Museum, features pieces by graphic designers, sculptors, sustainable designers, metal and fiber artists, photographers, painters, industrial designers, and those dedicated to new media.

Photo by Natalie Fiol.

Documenting Inequality

Krannert Art Museum hosts exhibitions from the course Documenting Inequality, which covers topics for undergraduates including cultural understanding, social inequality, and the roles that community-based art can play in making connections between what we glean from the news and lived experience.

In the Next Room

When they join a production team, theatre students might source fabric or furniture, design or sew period-appropriate costumes, construct scenery or work within an open stage, map out lighting schemes or control sound boards, or take the lead in running the show.

Department of Theatre, October–November 2017, Photo by Darrell Hoemann.


Choreographed by Sarah Hook for Studiodance I 2019

Photo by Natalie Fiol


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