Dressing in a Kimono

To fulfill its mission to educate the public and celebrate traditional aesthetics, Japan House regularly invites experts such as Toshie Hasada from the Hakubi Kyoto Kimono School to share their expertise.

Community Bike Shares

Lindsay M. Braun, an assistant professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, researches bike shares, cycling, and health. The new VeoRide program on campus promises a rich source of data: anyone with an app and the ability to pedal on two wheels can locate a nearby bike, unlock it, travel to their destination, and park it in any safe and unobtrusive spot for a small fare. Over time Braun can track ridership levels and evaluate how well dockless bike systems serve communities like Champaign-Urbana.

Come Home to Krannert Center

Reaching a milestone calls for an appropriate celebration, and Krannert Center didn't hold back when the big 5-0 rolled around. Regaling returning staff members, alumni, longtime donors, and community friends were Steve Dawson and the Jupiter Quartet.

Buddists Pray at Matsuri

To commemorate the end of summer, Japan House hosts Matsuri, where arts like taiko drumming, calligraphy, judo, and origami can be enjoyed alongside Asian food favorites, music, cosplay, ceremonies, and displays of traditional clothing and tea sets.

East St. Louis Action Research Project

When landscape architects collaborate to reconceptualize community space, they not only collect information on usage, demographics, historically important features, environmental considerations, economic constraints, and goals but also engage with residents to ensure their needs will be met. At various points in the process plans are shared so that they can be refined or reimagined to better serve everyone.

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