General Education Course Proposals


General education credit can be proposed only for courses that have been previously approved. Go to the Course Inventory Management system. Search for the course you wish to propose general education credit for. Click “Edit Course,” which will open a new window. Scroll down to “General Education.” Click the most appropriate category or categories, which will open up another set of questions. Respond to all appropriate questions and click “Save Changes” to continue editing at another time or “Save and Submit” when finished. Please follow the general education guidelines and criteria from the Office of the Provost. A syllabus meeting the general education expectations is a required attachment for submission.

Workflow for Proposals

Once it has been submitted, the general education edit will automatically be sent to the home unit for review. When the request for general education credit has been approved at the unit level, it is automatically forwarded to the FAA assistant dean for academic programs and will be reviewed by the college’s Courses and Curriculum Committee at its next meeting. Once approved at the college level, the proposal will be forwarded to the Provost’s Office and then reviewed by the campus General Education Board.


Once the proposal is received in the college office, the process will take approximately two to three months if no revisions are required. Proposals need to be submitted to the college for review by the Courses and Curriculum Committee one to two months before the deadline for submission to the Provost’s Office.

Provost’s Office deadlines

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