Honors Credit Learning Agreements (HCLAs)

James Scholars are required to complete an honors experience each semester while in residence to remain in the program. The most common way to meet this requirement in FAA is for students to complete an honors credit learning agreement (HCLA) with an individual instructor for a course in which they are already enrolled.

General Guidelines

  • Student and instructor agree upon a course-related project of an extraordinary nature to be completed in addition to regular coursework.
  • Forms or products of the learning agreement are subject to the professional standards of the discipline and to the approval of the instructor.
  • Honors credit should represent approximately 15 hours of additional work for the student.
  • Appropriate examples of honors credit include but are not limited to research papers, creative works, independent research, and service projects appropriate for the course content.
  • Practical courses for nonmajors are not appropriate for honors agreements.
  • Questions regarding honors projects should be directed to Senior Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs Zelda Gardner (217-333-9198).
  • Students seeking honors credit for a course in music must have their HCLA approved by both the instructor and an administrator in the School of Music.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Check for **Registered Honors** next to the student’s name under the registration status column on both the class roster and the grade submission forms. If this designation is absent, the instructor should contact the FAA Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (217-333-6061; faa-uaa@illinois.edu).
  • Assign an honors grade from the drop-down menu on the final grade roster if the student successfully completes the honors agreement and deserves honors credit. Honors grades have an “H” after the grade (e.g., AH) and are given only if the student receives a B− or better in the class.
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