Incomplete Grades


The incomplete grade is intended to provide a student with a specified time extension to finish a paper, final examination, or other relatively minor project or task that would occur at the end of the semester. It is not intended to address a significant part of a semester’s coursework. According to university policy, only the dean of an undergraduate student’s academic college may authorize an I grade.

The student may request an I grade from the instructor. It is the responsibility of the instructor to decide whether an I grade is appropriate. Any instructor who feels that an I grade is warranted should submit a request for I grade form to the appropriate college office prior to submitting a final grade for the student.

The college discourages instructors from privately agreeing to any student’s request for late submission of required work.

  • Missing and temporary grades interfere with timely and accurate review of a student’s academic progress each semester.
  • Changes of a final grade on the basis of work submitted after the final examination in the class may obscure a pattern of student underperformance and chronic difficulties, which should be addressed by the student in conversations with college and/or departmental advisors.
  • Private arrangements between instructors and students pose potential problems of equity.
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