Indirect Cost Recovery Distribution Policy

Policy Statement

The campus currently distributes 45 percent of indirect cost recovery (ICR) funds related to facilities and administration to the college/unit of the principal investigator. The division of these funds within each college will be based on the college’s policy for distribution.

The College of Fine and Applied Arts’ policy for distribution is as follows and should be applied consistently across all units. Of the 45 percent earned for each grant (less any cash cost sharing provided by the unit from this revenue stream), 3 percent will be distributed to the investigator on the project, 17 percent will go to the academic home unit of the investigator, and 15 percent will be allocated to FAA Research to enable continued support of faculty research initiatives. The residual 10 percent will remain with the college.

Guiding Principles

  • Implement policy and procedures that are straightforward, transparent, and uniform across the college.
  • Encourage intellectually productive research in all areas, regardless of potential for ICR fund return.
  • Foster a collegial atmosphere among faculty that facilitates the expansion of research programs in general and interdisciplinary efforts in particular.
Bar graph of earnings and distribution

Operating Guidelines

  • To the extent possible, agreement for sharing ICR funds on multiple-investigator projects will be determined at the proposal stage.
  • Separate accounts will be utilized to allocate project funding by investigator and/or unit to the extent practicable in order to help ensure accurate distribution of ICR funds.
  • Processes used will be fair, equitable, visible, and timely. Unit business managers who are the frontline contacts for investigators regarding ICR fund issues are expected to consider equally the interests of the investigators, participating units, and the college as a whole when giving counsel.
  • Distribution to the college and the academic home unit will be automated by Banner distribution code. Distribution to investigators will be done annually via a budget transfer after the final close of a given fiscal year (period 14).

Policy Issued: December 1, 2015

Effective Date: July 1, 2015

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