New Course/Revised Course Proposals


The Courses and Curricula Committee is responsible for engaging in general and topical discussion of the FAA curriculum. The committee explores potential cross-unit curricular innovations and initiatives. It provides broad oversight, review, and approval of curricular changes sent from FAA units to the FAA administration.

This standing committee of the college consists of three faculty members from FAA units and the assistant dean of academic programs, who serves ex officio.

The committee meets once a month during both fall and spring semesters to review new and revised courses as well as general education certification requests. Also reviewed are new and revised program proposals for undergraduate and graduate majors, minors, concentrations, certificates, and centers.

All new courses and course revisions should be submitted in the Course Inventory Management (CIM) system.


Office of the Provost course information

  • General policies
  • Timelines for submission
  • Credit hour definition
  • Course fees

Graduate College course procedures

Workflow for Proposals

Workflow through FAA

Here are the actions once a new course or revised course proposal is submitted in the CIM system:

  • The unit submits the course proposal; the proposal is automatically forwarded to the college.
  • The FAA Courses and Curricula Committee evaluates the proposal. The committee will either:
    • Approve and send forward.
    • Request revisions, sending the proposal back to the author.
      • Reexamine the proposal once all revisions are made and send forward if approved or return to the author if not approved.

Workflow after Approval by the FAA Committee

  • Proposals for 100-, 200-, 300-, and 400-level courses for undergraduate credit are automatically forwarded to the Provost’s Office for review.
  • General education credit may be requested only for approved courses. Go to CIM. Search for the course and click “Edit Course.” Complete the section for “General Education,” which will initiate the online request for approval by the General Education Board.
  • Proposals for 400- and 500-level courses for graduate credit are automatically forwarded to the Graduate College for review.
    • After review, the Graduate College forwards proposals to the Provost’s Office for review.


Once the proposal is received in the college office, the process will take approximately two months if no revisions are required. Proposals need to be submitted to the college for review by the Courses and Curricula Committee one month before the deadline for submission to the Provost’s Office.

Provost’s Office deadlines

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