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Axis Fridge by Gabriel Delgado, BFA Exhibition 2020


A degree in the arts works: the vast majority of our 2018 graduating class is either employed, pursuing graduate studies, or volunteering.

  • Public Art Graces Outdoor Spaces across Champaign-Urbana

  • Illinois Has Championship Teams and Individual Sports at Every Experience Level

  • Finals Happen No Matter What

  • Campus Libraries House Millions of Musical Scores, Drawings, Posters, Photographs, Recordings, Rare Maps, and More

Arts Careers

Alumni from arts programs across the nation are highly motivated entrepreneurs who can create their own job opportunities. Graduates say that their teachers helped hone specific skills, and more than 75 percent would attend their schools again. Many are especially happy that their work reflects their personalities and values. And even in our challenging economic times, arts alumni have low student debt, which empowers them to be even greater risk takers and to follow their passions after graduation.