Pitching Ideas


Whether you’re defining an entrepreneurial idea or writing a grant proposal, you’ll need to consider how to make your pitch appeal to your audience. What’s exceptional about you? What specifically do you create and why? Who is it for? What is distinctive about it?

First, get your basic idea in writing. Then condense your concept until it’s a quick sentence or two or a handful of phrases suitable for a profile or conversation opener. This is how jewelry designer Susan Harbourt describes herself:

An engineer by training, an artist by accident, and a self-taught metal(Blossom)smith by choice.

Notice how much you can grasp about her identity and her approach to design from these carefully chosen words.

Imagine how a similarly thoughtful sentence would generate questions at a career fair or steer a potential buyer to your work. Another version of this line could fit on a business card, function as a tagline on a website, or be the perfect sound bite for ads or TV spots.

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