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Financial Support for Researchers

Landscape Architecture Studio Spring 2015

The College of Fine and Applied Arts provides numerous avenues for sustaining research and creative work.

FAA Grant Programs

Two college-level grant programs support research. Anyone with an FAA appointment that carries a research component and who serves as an academic professional, a specialized faculty member, or a tenure-system faculty member is eligible to apply.

This program supports performances, publications, exhibitions, and other presentations that have already secured prestigious opportunities for public display or distribution but require modest additional funding to complete. With a maximum award of $5000, the program assists with such needs as space and equipment rentals, recording fees, fabrication, shipping, reproduction, subventions, transportation, and performers' fees. The primary evaluative criterion is that the funds will help secure a wider audience for the applicant's work and ensure greater impact on his or her field. Each proposed project must be completed within one year of receiving an award.

Deadlines: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Download the application form.

Proposals are evaluated on a rolling basis for one-to-one matching funds up to $15,000 that are secured from sources external to the campus in support of research and creative work with a clear promise of impactful presentation, exhibition, or publication. External funds may come directly to the applicant, the college, or a host organization (such as a publisher, an exhibition space, or a performance space) as long as they directly benefit the applicant's research. An applicant may submit a proposal before or after securing external funding. External support must be financial; in-kind support is not eligible for matching funds. Each proposed project must be completed within one year of receiving an award.

Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Download the application form.

External Residencies

External residencies and fellowships not only offer focused periods to complete work but also bring prestige to the unit and the college. To ensure that there is adequate time to prepare for a leave from teaching duties, a faculty member interested in pursuing such an opportunity should begin consulting with his or her unit executive officer well in advance of application deadlines. If pursuit of an awarded external fellowship requires further financial support in addition to leave time, the college administration will work with the unit and campus to pursue supplementary funding.

Sponsored Research

Research that involves a contractual relationship between the university and a funding agency or sponsor requires processing and approval at the college and campus levels. Once a faculty member has identified a potential sponsor and has prepared an initial project description, two individuals will assist with assembling budgets and obtaining pre-award approval: Greg Anderson (gnanders@illinois.edu), director of business services for FAA, helps prepare budget proposals for all FAA units, with a special emphasis on those from Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban and Regional Planning. Please reach out directly to Greg or contact your unit Business Manager for proposal assistance.


As a body charged with serving state, university, and disciplinary interests, the college works on many fronts to promote faculty work. College efforts include:

More initiatives will be established as cross-college research themes emerge.

Research Technologies

The college will soon make available a shared circulating collection of equipment for imaging, sensing, documenting, fabricating, and presenting faculty work. Details on the use of these materials are forthcoming.