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Cynthia Oliver Lauded in the New Yorker for Her “Shattering” Dance

Accolades for Cynthia Oliver’s duet BOOM! have been pouring in, and a spot-on review by Andrew Boynton in the New Yorker joins them. Calling the work performed at New York Live Arts with Dance at Illinois alumna Leslie Cuyjet “riveting” and its elements “pitched perfectly,” he singles out its humor, the expertise of the performers, and the at once woman-centered and universal themes of the dance for praise. Oliver is currently a professor with Dance at Illinois and was named a University Scholar in 2011.

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Urban and Regional Planning Named Number Three Graduate Program in the Country

The Planetizen Guide to Graduate Urban Planning Programs ranked Illinois third in the nation in its newly released fourth edition. The department moved up from its fifth-place spot in the 2012 publication. Planetizen is the most highly regarded web resource for planning professionals, and the extensive guide is the only one of its kind.

Classical Singer Magazine Selects Nathan Gunn for Cover Story

Lyric Theatre @ Illinois general director and opera luminary Nathan Gunn gave an extensive interview for Classical Singer, a prominent source of information for vocal specialists. Featured as the cover story for the September 2014 issue, the conversation ranged from how to educate young singers—Gunn says they must be versatile and “experience life” to be successful artists—to his darkest roles. He spoke at length about balancing the demands of his busy schedule—“It’s nonstop”—the hard business of professional singing, how he and his regular musical accomplice Mandy Patinkin help one another, and his newest occupation in academia.

Learn more about alumnus and star Nathan Gunn in the interview

Mohamed Boubekri Links Architectural Design with Better Sleep

Office workers who are exposed to natural light report more restful sleep and a better overall quality of life than their counterparts with no access to daylight. Associate Professor Mohamed Boubekri and Ph.D. candidate Chia-Hui Wang in the School of Architecture investigated connections between the workplace and health with researchers from Northwestern University in a study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. Participants wore wrist devices to monitor their activity and measure light levels and also responded to questionnaires about their general health and sleep patterns. The research team concluded that design choices such as locating office spaces close to windows could have a profound effect on workers’ well-being.

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