Artist Carmen Papalia brings 'Blind Field Shuttle' art demonstration to campus

May 3, 2023

Carmen Papalia is a non-visual social practice artist with chronic and episodic pain. He uses organizing strategies and improvisation to address his access to public spaces, art institutions and visual culture. Papalia visited campus in March 2023 as part of the programming offered by Crip*—Cripistemology and the Arts, a research initiative in the College of Fine and Applied Arts that centers the “minoritarian” perspective of communities often excluded from artistic experiences.

Papalia's visit culminated in a social art demonstration called "Blind Field Shuttle" wherein Illinois staff, faculty, and students experience campus spaces without sight. Read the full story in the Illinois News Bureau article: 'Blind Field Shuttle' brings a new perspective to campus walk.

students and staff walk down a staircase
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