Channel Strategies

Different social media platforms require different strategies. Each platform is used by different audiences who have different goals and intentions. It's our job to design our messaging and interactions with those audiences to meet them where they are. This includes stating specific measurable goals, defining an audience, and producing content with an appropriate tone.

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On Facebook, we primarily reach FAA alumni, parents of current and prospective students, faculty and staff, and the general community. Through our posts, we aim to showcase the great talent, research and inquiry, performances, exhibits, and remarkable legacy of FAA to instill college pride and to bring people to our venues.

Our tone is warm and approachable but polished.

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On Instagram, our audience is primarily prospective and current students. Through our posts, we aim to demonstrate life on campus and what it means to be a student in FAA.

The tone we use on Instagram is relaxed and easy, though still professional.

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Twitter’s audience is wide-ranging, encompassing varied users like campus units, peer institutions, current students, faculty, and the local community. With the many recent changes on the platform (i.e. rebrand to “X,” drop in users, major changes in algorithms and access), we are paying particular attention to our engagement and evaluating its purpose and effectiveness as we go.

Historically, Twitter users tend to have a higher level of education and be academically-minded compared to other platforms. We aim to maintain an academic, clear, and succinct tone–though we do try to have fun with the brevity too.

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LinkedIn is a great platform for reaching alumni, faculty, and staff. Units might use LinkedIn to celebrate the accomplishments of their community and highlight all the possibilities offered to program graduates.

FAA does not have a LinkedIn account, but our units like the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and the School of Architecture do. They focus on sharing news and success stories, opportunities, and maintain a positive and celebratory tone.

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