TBH Business Services Center

Temple Buell Hall

Temple Buell Hall Business Services Center (TBHBSC) provides accounting transaction processing, budget management, financial reporting and analysis, human resources services, purchasing, reimbursement processing, and research administration for Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban and Regional Planning.

Kendra Shaffer
Oversight for Business, HR, and Facilities

Aubrey Jarrett
HR Coordinator
All HR functions

Rosalyn Maziarka
Sponsored Projects Coordinator
Proposal Preparation and Grants Administration

Kamala Marsh
Accounting Associate
Financial Reconciliation, Telecom Coordinator, Japan House and Kinley Program Support

Business/Administrative Associate
Reimbursements, Student Payments, Purchasing, Unit Telecom Coordinator, Property Inventory Control, Work Order Requests

Business Meal Reimbursement Form
Use this for business meal reimbursement requests.

Miscellaneous Expense Reimbursement (non-travel) Form 
Use this for any non-travel-related reimbursement request. Please see the Business Office prior to making any non-travel-related purchases.

Travel Reimbursement Form
Required for travel reimbursements. Submit with all receipts and backup after the trip has ended.

Appointments Application
Appointments Application Instructions
Use for all hiring requests. 

Equipment Loan Form
Equipment Loan Form Instructions
Required for all portable equipment and any other equipment that will be off-campus for any duration of time.

TBH Space Request Form 
Use this for all requests for the Blicharski Atrium, Plym Auditorium, and TBH Gallery (TBH reservations calendar).

Transaction Procedure Doc
Will assist TBH units on purchasing procedures.

Surplus/Scrap Procedures
Will assist TBH units on how to scrap or surplus items no longer needed/wanted.

Space Request Instructions
Will assist anyone on how to make a reservation online.

Timeline for Field Trips and Study Abroad
Will assist faculty and staff on the timeline needed to plan field trips/study abroad.