Our Audiences

We will continue working toward more precisely identifying, defining and understanding our target audiences. As a starting point, we think of our audiences as follows.

External Audiences

Prospective Students

People seeking opportunities for world-class training and education exploring the arts and planning so that they can obtain the experience, skills, and degree that will empower them to create meaningful impact in society.


Those who have graduated from our programs can serve as incredible resources as program ambassadors, guests to our events, potential guest speakers, and donors. Alumni successes are our successes too, so we often choose to highlight and praise our remarkable alumni network.


Donors, friends and funding agencies who will help advance our mission by providing monetary support and grants to our programs and college in general.


State of Illinois, campus, and community partners in the arts, arts research support, and legislation that can help us build our networks for funding and support of the great work coming from our college.


Parents of both current and prospective students are also on social media and like to see what opportunities and experiences their students will explore while they attend our programs.


Internal Audiences

Current Students

Students currently enrolled in our programs who we can be energized by talking about their work, discoveries, and experience so as to attract other like-minded students.

Faculty & Staff

Current and future professors, researchers, and administrators who will help shape the college and our programs.

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