Parkland Pathway through the College of Fine and Applied Arts

The College of Fine and Applied Arts is proud to be part of Parkland Pathway. Parkland Pathway is a dual enrollment between Parkland College and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and is designed to facilitate a smooth transfer into UIUC.


Parkland Pathway offers many advantages over a traditional transfer program.

  • You will receive personalized academic counseling from FAA and Parkland College.
  • You can take up to 5 credit hours at UIUC each semester at the Parkland tuition rate. Counselors from FAA will recommend classes in your desired major that allow for a smooth transfer.
  • You’ll have access to opportunities exclusive to UIUC students such as clubs and extracurricular activities.
  • You can live in University Housing, in Private Certified Housing, or at home.

You will have guaranteed admission to UIUC on successful completion of the Parkland Pathway program (you must meet specific admissions requirements by major).

Interested in Applying?

  • Applicants to Parkland Pathway for fall 2024 will apply to FAA March 5–April 5, 2024.
  • Once an application is received, FAA Admissions will reach out to the applicant to designate a major of interest.
  • Applicants interested in a major or classes in Art & Design, Dance, Music, or Theatre are required to provide a talent submission to enroll. FAA Admissions will reach out to applicants to collect talent materials.
    • Requirements (FAA Admissions will send applicants submission information):
    • Some majors through Parkland Pathway are 5-year or 6-year programs and require at least 3 years at UIUC.
      • Recommendations for a smooth transfer:
        • Please read and refer to the transfer handbook.
        • Consult with your academic advisors on your graduation timeline.
        • Switching between FAA majors will likely extend your time to a degree.
        • Follow your FAA plan of study (see below).
        • At the time of transfer, another talent submission may be required. Please consult your advisor.

College of Fine and Applied Arts Plans of Study

  • School of Architecture
  • School of Art & Design
  • Department of Dance
    • Dance (BA)
    • Dance (BFA)
    • Dance & Kinesiology (BA/BS)
  • Department of Landscape Architecture
    • Landscape Architecture
  • School of Music
    • Music (BA; 5–6 years)
    • Music Composition (5–6 years)
    • Music Education (5–6 years)
    • Music Instrumental Performance (5–6 years)
      • Brass
      • Jazz
      • Keyboard
      • Percussion
      • Strings
      • Voice
      • Woodwinds
    • Music Open Studies (5–6 years)
    • Music Voice Performance (5–6 years)
    • Musicology (5–6 years)
  • Sustainable Design Unit
  • Department of Theatre
    • Acting
    • Arts & Entertainment Technology
    • Costume Design & Technology
    • Lighting Design & Technology
    • Scenic Design
    • Scenic Technology
    • Sound Design & Technology
    • Stage Management
    • Theatre Studies
  • Department of Urban and Regional Planning

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