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Academic standing details

Good Standing

A student in good academic standing is making satisfactory progress toward a degree, is taking the appropriate courses, and has at least the minimum required GPA. Students who do not meet these standards are either put on probation or drop status. Academic warning and drop rules are based on semester and cumulative GPAs.

Academic Warning

Academic warning (formerly known as probation) serves as a notice that unless your grades improve, you may be dropped from the university. If you are on academic warning, you may not register for fewer than 12 credit hours or more than 18 credit hours without permission from an FAA academic dean. Written notification of academic warning status is generally sent by the FAA Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs. You may be required to complete an academic contract with your departmental advisor before your academic warning semester begins.

Drop Status

The college may choose to drop a student for the following reasons:

  • Not meeting academic warning requirements
  • Repeatedly failing required courses
  • Not making satisfactory progress toward a degree

Detailed information on the university’s drop policies can be found in section 3-110 of the Student Code.

student talking with advisors
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