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Rebecca Páez-Rodríguez, Andy Hinnant, Nicole Turner

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FAA International Programs

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Rebecca Páez-Rodríguez, Associate Director
Program Advisor for Architecture in Barcelona, Cardiff, Lucerne, Shibaura, SLU, Ulsan, and Architecture international short-term workshops and studios

Andy Hinnant
Program Advisor for Akita, DIS Copenhagen, Lorenzo de Medici, Sheffield, Siegen, Taipei, and UNAV Pamplona

Nicole Turner
Faculty Support; Program Advisor for Sustainable Design
Senior Assistant Dean

Kristen Ballew
Office Manager
217-333-0890 (nonemergencies only)

Emergency Contact

University emergency services


International Safety and Security Announcements

Updates affecting university travelers and announcements will be posted on the International Safety and Security Announcements blog. The website also has an overview of COVID-19 travel guidelines.

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