Study Abroad Scholarships

Many scholarships are available to help you reach your destination.


Campus Scholarships

Complete one brief application to be considered for the I4I and IIP scholarships. I4I (Illinois for Illinois) scholarships are available to all University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign undergraduate students studying abroad on preapproved programs. Funding is provided by a student-initiated fee. IIP (Illinois International Programs) scholarships are a collection of donor-funded and memorial scholarships for students participating in preapproved programs. All IIP Scholarships are open to undergraduate students and some are open to graduate students.


Pell Grant Recipients

The Gilman Scholarship is open to any U.S. citizen who either has a Pell Grant or can provide proof that they will receive one during the term of their study abroad program or internship. This award is for up to $5,000.


School of Architecture

Architecture majors wishing to participate in the Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program in Barcelona–El Vallès should complete the school’s scholarships and awards application.


Lorenzo de’ Medici

This scholarship is open to all students accepted into Lorenzo de’ Medici for the upcoming term. Your MyStudyAbroad application and essays will be used for scholarship review. Priority will go to students with financial need. Students will be sent notification to their U of I email address. This scholarship is managed by FAA International Programs.


College of Fine and Applied Arts

FAA undergraduate students participating in any campus-approved study abroad program—with the exception of the Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program in Barcelona–El Vallès, which has its own financial assistance—are eligible for the FAA Study Abroad Scholarship. The goal of this scholarship is to provide access to international study experiences for underserved students with financial need. Apply for the scholarship.


Graphic Design

The Doyle Moore International Travel Scholarship supports and supplements the cost of overseas study and travel for graphic design students. Scholarships and amounts awarded vary from year to year. The award is named for Doyle Moore, who retired from the School of Art and Design in 1991 after 33 years in the Graphic Design program and at Japan House, where he taught theories of Japanese aesthetics. Apply to the scholarship.


Additional Scholarships

Many other scholarships are available, including those for students with physical or sensory disabilities or those traveling to specific countries.

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